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Vacationing or Marrying at Great Pines Lodge?

Tides + Pines offers several affordable options for the Great Pines guests. Please feel free to browse our menus at the top of the page, or contact me in the form below. When contacting, please include your type of shoot and preferred date and time.

About me

The photographer you need to capture the vibrancy in your life.
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My name is Lauren, alter ego: Tides + Pines. I am a romantic. I am an adventure enthusiast. I am a story teller. I'm the kind of person who would quit any 9 to 5 job to go do what is in my heart. That being said, I am spending my summer of 2016 beneath the pines. I will be living in a pop-up camper with my little family and photographing vacationers at sunrise or sunset at Great Pines Lodge. I am also a fan of the adventurous couple. If you want to go have your engagement shoot next to a waterfall, jumping off the dock, or at the top of your favorite mountain, I'm your gal.


    My way of posing you is to back up, and let you be yourselves. I will have small directions like how close to stand together, but for the most part, I just want laughs!

  • adventures

    I am all about those adventures. If you want to take me somewhere you have always dreamt of having your photo taken, I'm yours.

  • Payment plans

    I am a mom, and I get budgeting! If you would like to make a payment plan for your photos, I'm all ears.

  • having fun

    Life can be hard and messy and stressful. But it doesn't have to be! While you're with me, I don't want you think about money, jobs or every day stressers. I want you to live. Vibrantly! Let's have fun and make some memories to back your beautiful photos up!


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